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Dr. Andrea Gonstead, Dr. Eric Gonstead and Dr. Megan White
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Gonstead care never hurts and always helps! Thank you!

Amy A.

I was having trouble getting a full nights rest due to lower back pain. After 3-4 adjustments my sleep was restored. Thank you Dr. Andrea!!


Before I started coming I was experiencing really bad headaches to where I almost went blind and the pain was so bad that I couldn't even get out of bed. This went on for months until a friend suggested Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic. I started coming  and with just 3-4 times in the beginning, I already felt a difference. Dr. Laurie then told me it was nerve pressure in my neck. It's been a couple f years now and all I get here and there are minor headaches and slight neck pain when I don't come for a while. She pretty much saved me and I thank her so much for that.


I absolutely love going to the Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic! Everyone is so friendly and personable. I started going because I was in pain, but I keep going because I never realized how badly I felt when I was not "aligned".

Amber H.

Dr. Eric Gonstead's clinic is amazing. I always feel so much better, especially after an adjustment. My job is very physical.


Dr. Andrea has kept me off narcotics for 5 years.

Nancy S.

Here is my story, in brief. It was Christmas time, around 1980. I reluctantly announced to my family that I was losing vision in one eye. Alarmed, my mother and all insisted that I see a doctor. I wasn't much for doctoring, but I agreed to see someone at  Gonstead Chiropractic Clinic.

Dr. George Johnston put me through diagnostic x-ray, held a kind and informed consultation with me and began therapeutic adjustments immediately.

My vision returned promptly. With a bit more study of the way spinal adjustments can maintain health and prevent many of the alarming-sounding maladies that send people to medical doctors for eternal rounds of drugs, I became a regular chiropractic patient.

After Dr. Johnston's retirement, my care went into the capable hands of Dr. Andrea Gonstead, and currently with Dr. Laurie Cribben.

Throughout my children's growth into independent adulthood, thay have been taught to see a chiropractor FIRST, always trusting that a doctor of chiropractic will refer a patient to a medical doctor when indicated. It seldom happens that other way around! 

Wanda R.

Without Dr. Andrea, I wouldn't be able to move, let alone take care of my babies.

I love, love, love Dr. Andrea!

Katie C.


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